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It wasn’t about making money. Our drive was really about finding and creating better products to race with.

In the early 1960’s Jim O’Neal was a young teenager living in the foothills outside of Los Angeles, California. Jim’s early passion for riding motorcycles quickly became an obsession and in 1961 the 15 year old borrowed a friends ‘57 Frances Barnett to race Rough Scrambles in Acton, California. Soon enough, the young man was hooked on racing, taking his bike out across the golden state.

A few years later the Europeans traveled to the US to race against the Top TT American racers at the famed Corriganville Movie Ranch (Hopetown) near Jim’s home. As racing progressed Jim realized the need for better parts, apparel and accessories to withstand the demands of what would become American Motocross. Soon thereafter, an American Company was born.

It’s now 50 years later. The office is just a few miles from the old Hopetown track. Today you can still find the same passion in every single product O’NEAL produces. You can also find Jim racing and riding around Southern California every chance he gets. Jim still races Baja and his drive, grit and determination has led him to the most class Baja wins in history. Jim’s obsession pioneered a brand that will forever be embedded in the history of American Motocross. Enjoy the Ride



A look throughout the years

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